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Can You Write Off Business Advertising and Promotion Costs?

One of the many benefits to starting a business, is having the ability to write things off on your taxes. However, just because you have a business, it’ doesn’t mean that you can go crazy and just write anything off and no longer pay your taxes.

In order to write something off and not pay taxes on it, you must have legitimate reasoning for writing it off. At the same time, business taxes are something nearly all small business owners and entrepreneurs will have questions in reference to.

And for this to happen, you simply need to refer to the latest tax guidelines — which are often updated on an annual basis.

Advertising and Promotion Deductions

According to the team over at, the process of writing off your advertising and promotional costs is something that is completely legitimately. As stated on the site “The cost of advertising and promotion is 100 percent deductible” — and then the site went on to include things like:

  • Hiring someone to design a business logo
  • The cost of printing business cards or brochures
  • Purchasing ad space in print or online media
  • Sending cards to clients
  • Launching a new website
  • Running a social media marketing campaign
  • Sponsoring an event

The site also mentioned “However, you cannot deduct amounts paid to influence legislation (i.e., lobbying) or sponsor political campaigns or events.” — which is important to know, as the last thing you want to do is start deducting things from your business taxes, which shouldn’t be there.

As with the case in all tax questions and filings, it’s important to make sure you ask a personal accountant before making any final decisions.

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