11 Ways to Grow Your Brand Following on Instagram

With Instagram, many brands have built a social presence that drives profitable traffic, succeeds in growing conversions, and creates engaged audiences. And this is especially true in the world of personal finance sites, companies, accounting solutions and Fortune 500 companies as well.

No matter what your brand or business currently looks like, you may wish to consider refining your strategies for getting real, organic followers on Instagram if your Instagram presence isn’t quite as robust as you’d like. 

In order to engage users, you need to grow your audience to create engaging experiences for them. And many of these methods will working without the need to buy Instagram followers or spending a lot of money out of your pockets. Instead of money being spent, it will just take more time and effort on your part.

The use of Instagram for a personal account is exactly the same as for a business account. Reaching and attracting attention is the only thing that matters. 

This is why this article contains the top 11 best tips on how to grow a relevant and real Instagram account.

1. Build a branded hashtag

Create a collection of your best content via a dedicated, branded, or custom hashtag. The more highly targeted the tag, the more likely it is for a potential follower to find you as well.

If you want to create Instagram marketing campaigns, you may also consider creating a brand tag. A name that is less specific to your business as your company name may be a better option in some cases because it often sounds less promotional.

2. Make use of particular business hashtags

Following someone interested in your content is the best way to increase your following. Most of your followers would not follow you if you primarily used terms that weren’t specific to your industry. 

Thus, to ensure your target audience sees your posts, you should use hashtags that they would browse.

You’ll attract more followers if your content is more specific, as more people will be interested in your content. 

You will also reduce the number of competitors vying for the same people’s followers by using more precise tags. You can then easily find your accounts, making them easier to follow.

3. Get Inspired by Other Instagram profiles

Be careful about following and unfollowing. As a content publisher, we need real followers that will engage with our content.

The practice of following accounts on Instagram through a bot has been proven to be a losing strategy in many ways.

Consider following some of your competition’s followers instead. Get their attention by engaging with their posts.

Commenting like a bot (“Great Post “), playing it over the top (#instastalker), or trying to sell yourself can cause you to appear as if you’re trying to sell something. You can grow Instagram followers organically by being supportive and helpful.

4. Take advantage of your bio URL

You should make it a priority on your Instagram profile. Your biography should link to your website the entire time? Is this your preference?

Make sure you update at least bi-weekly and include a clickable link in your bio to steer traffic to your most popular or newest content.

5. Ensure your profile is free of unwanted tagged photos

You can limit your Instagram profile to only featuring content created by your users. In the future, you will need to hide tagged photos from your profile (you might need to confirm) if you want to remove tagged photos entirely by choosing “Edit Tags,” selecting the tags you want to remove, and choosing “Hide from Profile.” It works well.

6. Analyze and test new content types regularly 

On Instagram, experimentation is the key to creating great content. Testing out new posts on Instagram can feel difficult, particularly if you believe your current strategy is working well.

However, we assure you that your strategy will be stronger and more effective if you experiment and trial.

7. Engage with influencers like others

Collaboration is the key to increasing your Instagram reach and growing your following. Partnering with other famous stars or influencers can be achieved through partnerships or sponsorships. Instagram users who are in business will find this tactic to be of great help.

Influencer marketing is the best way to gain reach and grow followers if you pay a significant amount for social media sponsorship. Just take a look at any of the most popular celebrities on social media, and you will see how powerful each post their is, and that the engagement is real.

Depending on your brand and the benefits you offer influencers, you may choose from micro-influencers or top influencers.

8. Use IGTV video, Live video, and Instagram Stories

Taking the latest technologies, Instagram developed some tools that allow users to grow their followers easily. 

Originally an image-sharing platform, IGTV was recently updated to offer features like Live chats, IGTV Videos, and Stories to increase user appeal.

9. Use longer captions on your Instagram Stories & Posts

Are you trying to find the best way to increase your Instagram followers? If so, this is an effective way to get in touch with your audience. 

Writing longer and descriptive captions for your Instagram posts is an actionable and organic way to reach real Instagram followers.

The key difference between Instagram and Twitter is the visuals, which include high-quality photos and aesthetics. In this year, 2021, legitimacy is the most important trend, with quotes and captions revealing your brand and passion.

10. Always Produce shareable content

Instagram’s feature allowing users to share feed posts for their Instagram Stories or Direct Messages makes it a handy tool to help you increase your reach.

Your audience can reshare a good piece of content. In the same way, as you must create saveable content that is highly relevant to your audience, you must create shareable content. 

Whether you choose to include cartoons, infographics, or funny memes, you’re sure to increase engagement.

11. Keep your call to action in mind

Make sure your captions and stories incorporate appropriate ‘call to action” prompts. Identify and use other useful and important methods to convince people to share your content.

In Summary

Regularly providing quality content to your target audience is key to steady Instagram growth. For businesses, a more strategic approach to social media is needed. 

You can’t check all of the tactics we discussed once, but they can help you boost your Instagram followers. The importance of staying current with social media content cannot be overstated.

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